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 “We’re bored to death in Heaven—and down alone in Hell.” 

 “…This world is a bitch.” Luciano grumbled to himself as he was pushed towards the glowing white portal.

His black wings were chained down. His wrists were in cursed handcuffs. His ankles were locked in shackles that barely allowed him to walk.

“Hey, at least we’ll be kicked out together~!” Lutz joked, trying to lighten the malevolent mood.

Luciano and Kuro remained silent. After all, it was both difficult to hear and speak over the roar of the angry mob.

They were starting to hurt his ears. Humans could probably hear them down on Earth, and that was pretty damn far away.

Well, funny how it was far away, but that Luciano was about six feet away from a blinding circle of light that could teleport him there instantly. One that he was slowly getting shoved towards, courtesy of some bastard that was pushing him.

Everyone was on foot, because the Earth Transporter was on the heavenly ground; and all the fury getting released from the riot probably took everyone’s energy needed for flight.

As the dark trio was only about four feet away from the banishment, someone suddenly flew over the crowd. Someone highly recognizable. “Everyone, stop! Is violence really the answer? Do we actually have to force them out of Heaven?!” Hey, Luciano knew that guy. Golden blonde hair. Bright green eyes. White wings. Shining halo and all. Britannia Angel.

He was one of the more powerful angels, along with an elite title that overshadowed most others. One of the Guardian Angels. His abilities far surpassed others in Heaven and could create the purely unimaginable. Many other angels—for reasons Luciano couldn’t understand—looked up to him with great respect.

The havoc-causing protesters calmed down a bit once they noticed him. The screams and shouts instantly ceased. The angel that had been pushing Luciano even paused to look up.

“There has to be a less drastic decision, can there not?” The angel above placed a hand on his white robe-clad waist, waiting for a reaction.

“Arthur…” Kuro hissed out in distaste.

Needless to say, Luciano absolutely despised Arthur. He hated Heaven, he hated all other angels (except for maybe Kuro and Lutz, but he would never admit it), and he didn’t think he could handle this any longer. Contrary to popular belief, he thought Heaven was lame. It could be a paradise for most people, or… It simply couldn’t, if you were just that type of person.

Luciano was most definitely that kind of person. As was Kuro. And even—in his own sort of way—Lutz too. They were grouped together and hated by the other angels as well—this was rare, since hate often wasn’t present in Heaven.

To put it simply, Luciano’d had enough. He was done. He barely even remembered what Earth was like! So why not visit down there again? For a little while? Or permanently…?

He knew he wasn’t the only one with these thoughts. As the other angels began to discuss “what to do with them”, Luciano quickly made up his mind.

He was leaving. Leaving Heaven. And he could care less.

Giving a nod to Lutz and Kuro—who nodded back in agreement—Luciano turned to face the first angel who had chained him up and tried to throw him out. “Oh, is there something you have to say?” He asked, a hint of amusement in his voice.

Luciano smirked. “Sure do,” He saluted, and backed up a few feet while keeping his magenta irises locked on the enemy’s eyes: “Later, losers.”

And with that, he, Kuro, and Lutz jumped into the large sparkling-white Transporter. Willingly. No. Regrets.

Scream, shout

Scream, shout

We are the fallen angels 

You’ve been seeing dark, strange things out of the corner of your eye lately.

You keep telling yourself that you’ve gone insane. Why else would you be seeing the silhouettes of several different unidentified beings? Well, yeah… ‘unidentified’ because you keep noticing with only your peripheral vision. Never straight-on, so you can’t ever be sure what they are. Each time you turn to look, whatever that was there has already disappeared.

They’re always outlined in black. But the shape is strange. Almost like a human, but almost like a bird. As though it was some type of humanoid raven.

Which reminded you. Each time you caught sight of said… being, you found something left behind. A certain object that felt as real as any other. It was, to put in bluntly… just a black feather.

You had no idea what the feathers could be from. Okay, a bird, of course, but why would there suddenly be a bird in your room, that could leave behind a single feather, before you even knew it was there? How could it enter so quickly? So silently? You’d see a large wing-like shadow from the edge of your vision, but without fail, it would be gone before you could even see what made the shadow. And there, near the exact place where you saw the shadow, would be the charcoal-black feather. Long, soft, and perfect. Untouched.

This didn’t make sense. And maybe you would’ve ignored it if it had only happened once or twice, but since the first time it occurred about two weeks ago, you began seeing them nearly once or twice a day. For a full fourteen days and then some, you had been seeing things and finding dark feathers.

There wasn’t much else to clarify. That’s it—you just saw black weird things and found feathers. Sounds pretty normal now, doesn’t it?

Except, it isn’t. You know it isn’t. You’ve contemplated telling your parents. Why haven’t they noticed anything? Why haven’t they found any of the feathers? They appeared in any room of your house, but… it only seemed to happen when you were alone.

Even at school. Each time you went into the library to eat lunch by yourself, you’d catch sight of a peculiar silhouette before it was replaced with a feather. No one else reported anything so strange, and frankly, you weren’t going to be the first.

Your parents would think you were crazy. They already knew you were a school loner and dressed in all-black for some odd reason, so you didn’t want to make them think even less of you.

On the sixteenth night that you’d began finding the feathers, you sat at your laptop and—like any other teenager—simply Googled it. You would’ve done it sooner, but honestly… you’d been a bit too nervous to find out anything that might feel, well… unsettling.

Nothing very helpful popped up; it was a lot of paranormal stuff. You were almost disappointed to find out that you weren’t suffering from some kind of mental illness. At least that would give you an explanation.

You knew the feathers were real, that was for sure. Because you often threw them away, your mother had noticed them overflowing from your trash can. “What are all these feathers for? Are you doing an art project?” She’d asked one night.

To which you’d just smiled and nodded.

Now, you didn’t want to believe that the feathers and shadows symbolized anything otherworldly. That would be… quite horrifying. No one would believe you. And you’d have to deal with it on your own. Why, God, why didn’t you have any friends? Why were you such a social outcast? Friends would be helpful in this type of situation. Too bad you were, undeniably, an anti-social recluse with some emotional issues. The stereotypical ‘troubled teen’ who listened to too many screamo bands.

No, you didn’t like to think of yourself as one of those. You were unique. You were intelligent. You were generous. You were, well… you.

And you would kill to know just what the fuck these feathers and shadows were! Seriously, were you mental? Would you start seeing other things…? That would be… terrible!

You groaned, these thoughts swirling around in your mind. Leaning back in your chair and away from your laptop, you laid your head against the backrest and tiredly covered your eyes with your hands. Exhaled, inhaled, exhaled…

As the second breath was leaving your lips, you suddenly felt an odd presence.

You sensed… someone. Or a ‘something’.  And within a second, you realized. Is this…-


You immediately removed your fingers from your eyelids. This revealed a pair of large, round, magenta-colored irises with crimson-red pupils. The inhuman eyes of a… wait, a human?

Yep, there was definitely a human standing over you, his ominous eyes boring down on your own. He was pressed against the back of your chair, leaning over to view your head-resting face. “I’ve been watching you. How are you feeling today?”

A few seconds of silence.

…Coming out of your shock, you quickly bolted out of your chair, causing it to swivel in place. “Who… what are… Did you… -What?!” For a moment there, you couldn’t form a sentence.

He smiled at your loss of words, “Nice to finally meet you… face-to-face, that is.” He snickered.

Finally, you managed to whisper-shout, “…What are you doing in my room?!

Oh wait; maybe you shouldn’t have whisper-shouted. You’d forgotten that you should wake up your parents with a scream. Especially in this type of situation. Stranger in your room and all. Yeah.

He giggled, “Oh… that’s so cute. I’ve been in your room, silly~” He paused his laughter, then put on a dead-serious expression, “…Many times.”

You felt your heart throb against your chest. Even though you’d been inhaling, exhaling before he’d decided to pop in, you still felt out of breath. After all, WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON.

The guy seemed youthful and healthy, yet a bit short and slender. He wasn’t wearing a mask, so he didn’t appear to be a robber. He was wearing a light brown-and-black Italian Brigade uniform that you recognized from your World History textbook. Black combat boots, leather gloves, and a small dark side-hat accented the attire.

“… Who are you?” The question was quiet, almost disbelieving.

He smirked again, and placed his hands in his pockets. “I believe the more appropriate question is what am I~” He clarified, voice teasing yet serious.

“Okay… what are you?” It was as though you’d gotten sucked into those magenta orbs. That flame-like red which was inside. The inhuman eyes he somehow possessed.

Loving your interest, he stepped back a bit. What he did next still shocks you to this day.

He spread out a pair of long, elegant, midnight-black wings.

Deciding not to tell you the whole truth just yet, he settled on: “…We are the Fallen.”


We are the in-between, cast down as sons of war

Struck to the Earth like lightning, on this world we’re torn 


Well… that explained where all the feathers came from.

“So… you’re a… you’re a…” The words caught in your throat. All you could think was wings. Spread out to their fullest, a total of twelve foot wingspan (six feet for each), and a large glowing-white ring levitating above the entity’s almond brown hair.

… fallen angel.

What else could he be?

“I’m like an angel. One cast out of Heaven, that is.” He refolded his wings so they were snug against his back, almost unnoticeable from his front. They must have been that way before, and that was probably why you hadn’t caught sight of them earlier.

“… An angel?”

He nodded, and plopped down on your bed. “My name is Luciano Vargas. You’re (First name Last name), right?”

You gave a dazed nod— still standing awkwardly—and continued to gawk at him. His features were striking; his dark hair, tanned skin, and divergent eyes were undeniably intriguing. He was clearly attractive in his own sort of… supernatural way.

“Me and my friends were sent here to meet you,” He stated.

Your eyes widened, “What?”

He placed both of his hands on the edges of your mattress and sighed. “Well… maybe not you exactly, but we’re starting with you.”

By now, you were baffled. Okay, first off, there’s a fallen angel sitting in your room?!

But then again… this really would explain all of your strange occurrences from the past two weeks. “What do you mean?”

He looked up, “I mean that Lutz, Kuro, and I decided to come down here for a reason.” He gave you a sly wink, to which you blushed.

“But… why?”

He shrugged carelessly, “Wouldn’t you like to meet them before you start asking questions?”

You felt your heart instantly speed up. He brought friends? There were more?

Before you could respond, he glanced around your room. You noticed that he eyed the walls’ darkest corners—the ones in which you’d most often seen the strange shadows. “Hey Lutz, Kuro… come out and say hi already~”

You cringed. He’d said it so casually. Were there really…-?

All of a sudden, you caught the movement of peculiar silhouettes from the corner of your left eye. That would be the third time today, you thought.

As you turned, you automatically expected to see the normal corners, but with another one of those damn feathers left in place.

But, of course, this time—there was something out of the ordinary.

The shadows moved, from the wall corners to the floor, and slowly rose up and shape-shifted into the forms of… more humans.

Except, now you understood that they weren’t humans. They were angels.

Two of them. One tall and muscular, and the other a bit shorter than Luciano.

The towering one immediately caught your attention, mostly because he was standing the closest. His eyes were thin and purple—shadowed beneath the brim of his black field cap— and he had a thick scar down his left cheek. A khaki jacket was draped over his shoulders; he was wearing a loose white tank top and dark trousers. But what you noticed the most about him were his wings.

Unlike Luciano’s, they weren’t black feathers. Instead, they appeared to be gray and somehow made of machinery. As if someone had gotten together a heap of random mechanical pieces and glued them all together. The wings were still in shape, but you could detect many screws, metal tools, small weapons, and other steel items as parts of the wings.

“Like what you see~?” He teased, once he caught you staring.

You backed away, perplexed. “Um, no…!” Did he seriously just think you were checking him out? …Well, you were, but not in that kind of way. The kind of way that was like holy shit so there are more angel things in my room?!

“Oh, didya like the wings? Wanna touch ‘em?” He asked suggestively, moving in closer to your face. You noticed he was grinning with a somewhat malicious intent and his eyes had dark lines beneath them—smoker perhaps?

“Um, I…-”

“-They’re not actually metal, they just look like that for some reason, so yeah, they can fly.” He clarified, arm moving to snake across your shoulders.

As his smirking face creeped closer to yours, you suddenly heard a new voice. “Enough of that, Lutz. Don’t flirt with a human. It’s disgraceful.”

You turned away from the one called ‘Lutz’ and noticed the shorter angel had jet-black hair, narrowed crimson eyes, and matching blood-red wings, shaped like a bat’s. “… Is that Satan?” You wondered aloud, pointing slightly.

He grimaced, “What the fuck?”

Lutz instantly burst out laughing. A scowl formed on ‘Satan’s’ face, to whom Luciano giggled and pointed towards, pronouncing to you slowly, “Ku-ro. Kuro.  ‘Kuro’, you got that, ____?” A pause for more snickering, to which Kuro clenched his teeth, “This is Kuro...” He was tapping the said boy’s shoulder, still trying to bite back more laughter.

“… But he looks more like a demon than an angel!” You shot back.

Lutz’s laughter finally died down, “Yeah, we know. But look at what he’s wearing? It’s just a black version of the Japanese Imperial Navy uniform. Would a demon wear that? Haha, nah.”

You turned to look at Kuro again, to which he glared at you and hissed out, “…I will eat your children.”

… It took you a few seconds to realize he was only mocking the devil.

Once you all calmed down again, you cleared your throat and carefully asked, “So… tell me why you guys are here again?”

Kuro wordlessly plopped down onto your desk chair, while Lutz leaned against your nightstand and looked away. That left Luciano, who finally stood up from your bed and faced you. With a sigh, he responded: “Look, _____. We’re different. You can even tell by our wings. Normal angels really do have white wings. Why do you think they hate us? We’re not like them.”

“But…-” You began.

“-Mentally, physically, emotionally. We’re not like your average angels in any way, shape, or form. But please, don’t mind us,” He looked directly into your eyes, “______...” You gasped as he inched closer and gripped your arms, his beautiful yet eccentric face moving in towards yours, “We know how you feel. And we’re here to encourage you to keep being you; no matter your flaws. We can see that you’re amazing just the way you are.”

Your heart raced. It was like he was seeing into you.

Those magenta eyes seemed to pass through your soul and understand everything about your life, feelings, and emotions. He was telling you exactly what you wanted to hear. As an outcast with no real friends, his words comforted you more than a thousand fake friends ever could.

“L-Luciano…” His hold on your arms tightened, and before you knew it, he had moved forward and fully embraced your trembling form. It felt like a blinding light had taken over your body and enveloped you in its heavenly warmth.

…They were the honest, understanding arms of a fallen angel.

“_____...” He whispered your name as he rubbed soothing circles down your back, his hot breath fanning over the strands of your hair, “We’re not going to harm you. And we won’t ever let this fucked-up world hurt you either.”


We won’t cause the pain, of living out their laws

Take joy in who you are, we know our wings are flawed 


You bolted up.

The sun-filled walls of your room instantly met your vision.

Morning already?

But… weren’t you just… what did… how… when did-

“-_____! Wake up already! You’re going to be late for school!” You heard your mother shout from the hallway.

Glancing at the clock, you gasped and jumped out of bed. That was… some dream… Some phenomenal dream that left you feeling all warm, fuzzy, and happy.

Turned out, you were only a few minutes late for school. It was Friday anyways, so the teachers didn’t really mind too much.

Although, throughout your school day, you were distracted with many thoughts about… that dream last night.

It all felt so real. So life-like, vivid, and even realistic—supernatural entities aside. But, could it really have had something to do with the shadows? Was a boy with black wings and magenta eyes seriously the one leaving behind the feathers…?

No. You’re just crazy, aren’t you?

By the time your school day was over, you’d convinced yourself that you needed to see a psychiatrist. Or tell your parents about this. Or consider asking for depression pills. Something to get rid of this fake trio of hot angel boys and their damn feathers and shadows. Namely the one called Luciano whom had plagued your thoughts all day long.

… All. Day. Long.

After school, you’d walked to the town’s bookstore. Mostly to distract yourself from Luciano and to avoid your parents. You wanted to tell them what was going on, but at the same time, you didn’t.

It was getting dark by the time you left the store. Your plan had completely backfired because instead of forgetting about Luciano, you’d wound up purchasing a book about fallen angels.

As you were walking home, the sun had finished setting. You were passing by an alley when you suddenly heard the footsteps.

You paused. The quiet footsteps ceased as well. Your breath hitched as you realized it was now nightfall and you were walking alone.

Please don’t do this… you thought to yourself. You weren’t sure who else you could have been telling it to. God, maybe? …Please don’t let this happen to me.

Cautiously, you continued walking, albeit a little faster. The footsteps continued, but at a more rapid pace. No, please don’t… You took a short glance over your shoulder. The streetlamps were too dim to see anything. You saw nothing but a dark street and empty sidewalk.

Without thinking twice, you began to run.

And soon after, heard the sound of equally sprinting footsteps. “… No!” You shouted, more to yourself than to the tracker.

With fumbling fingers and a racing heart, you reached down for your cellphone. The book-carrying plastic bag over your arm slowed down your running, so you quickly dropped it the ground. The swiftly approaching footsteps only terrified you more as you tried to unlock your phone and dial 911.

But your vision was beginning to blur. The poorly-lit streetlamps barely allowed you to see ahead. You knew your house wasn’t far, but there was someone chasing you. The horror running through your mind caused tears near the corners of your eyes and slipped the phone through your sweaty fingers. NO!, you mentally shouted.

The cellphone clattered to the sidewalk, its now-cracked screen displaying the numbers 9-1-1 with the ‘call’ button untouched.

The predator was getting closer. You heard him approach you from behind, maybe only about eight feet away by now. At this point, he was going to catch you.

Your breaths were coming out hard and ragged. Your chest felt like it was going to explode, your heart burning, your sides tightening with painful cramps. I can’t run any faster if—a sudden shadow distracted you from the thought. You hadn’t seen one of those since yesterday.

Suddenly, the footsteps stopped. The shadow you’d noticed had slid in your opposite direction at nearly invisible speed. Within an instant, you heard screams of agony from directly behind you—and the slash of a sharp weapon against human flesh. The bellows of pain that followed came from a man. Most assumably the one who had been chasing you.

But you weren’t about to stop running and look. You had to escape.

As you were approaching a large tree with many branches, you’d stopped hearing things altogether. No one was chasing you. No one else even seemed to be around.

Your legs felt like twigs about to snap. Exhausted, you slowed to a walk before you suffered from a heart attack. How far had you ran? All the way from the alley? That must have been the longest you ever ran at full speed.

“Phew…” You whispered to yourself, now walking under the large tree. It had so many branches that it momentarily blocked out the moon and stars.

“… Somebody just saved my life.” You whispered aloud, voice astounded.

A body suddenly flew down from a branch. “You bet I did,”

You gasped sharply. There was someone hanging upside down from a branch, as if he were a bat. The face was directly next to yours, only a few inches closer and you’d be nose-to-nose.

With an eep of surprise, you jumped back, literally falling over in shock. “W-What?!”

The person smiled. The shade of the tree covered the rest of his face and hair. “Don’t you remember me?”

You quickly stood up and dusted yourself off. The nighttime darkness made it difficult to see, especially with the tree’s shade, but you could make out the form of a young man.

“…You saved me? Then what are you doing in that tree? Are you a possum or something?” The way his legs curled around the branch definitely made him look like some type of animal… one that hung upside down from branches.

He chuckled, arms crossing. “Do possums have wings like this?”

The moonlight directly behind him suddenly outlined the silhouette of outstretched wings, which had sprouted from the body of a shadowed boy. A single feather slowly glided towards your shoe—as black as charcoal and as graceful as a dancing raven.

You bent down, and gingerly picked it up. As you stood, you looked directly towards the supernatural entity and whispered, “Luciano…?”

He nodded, and refolded his wings. Jumping down from the branch and onto the sidewalk beside you, he whispered, “Now do you believe me?”

You tightened your hold on his feather, “What do you mean…?”

He stepped closer, away from the heavily shaded area—thus revealing his magenta eyes. They bore deep into your own, making you feel nervous. With a stern Italian-accented voice, he stated, “Do I still need to convince you that my friends and I are real?”

You inhaled sharply. So he knew that you had doubted him?

He smiled at your shocked expression. “Haha. Want this back?” He waved a book towards your face, the same one that you had dropped during your earlier getaway.

“Oh, yes I do.” You snatched up the book, but you could tell by his smirk that he already knew what it was about. Soon after, he handed you your previously-dropped cellphone, too.

“Good. Y’know, I should teach you how to use throwing knives,” He looked downwards and toyed with a thin knife between his fingers, twirling it this way and that, tossing it up short distances and catching it between his two digits as if he’d never be afraid to slice himself by accident. “They come in handy.”

For a moment, you avoided his gaze. So you weren’t the only one who could see him? Had that man seen him as he was attacked? Or had it just looked like he was getting stabbed by shadows…?

“_____,” His voice was serious, determined. “Look at me.”

Unable to disobey, you did as you were told.

Eyebrows furrowed and mouth in a scowl, he gripped the sides of your face with both of his leather-gloved hands. “_____...” He moved in closer, to the point where you could feel his hot breath on your lips. “I’ve been watching you for weeks. I feel most alive when I’m with you. Is it so wrong that I want to protect you?”

His close proximity only made you feel shy and fidgety. You weren’t intimidated, just a bit nervous. His hands on your face tightened, but he eventually let his features soften. “I just want to be with you and make you feel happy. Heaven’s boring; Hell’s lonely. I came down here to be myself. And what better way than to be with someone like you~?” 

We’re bored to death in Heaven

And down alone in Hell

We only want to be ourselves 

The next day came. You stopped seeing the shadows. You stopped finding the feathers. Instead, you began communicating with their causes.

The more you believed in them, the more they appeared. You stopped wondering if you had gone crazy. These boys were as real as any other. Well, except for the being-an-angel part. You finally understood that they weren’t simply a part of your imagination but, true beings who had been cast out of Heaven—entities that needed love, relationships, and care just like any other human. They needed you.

And you were fine with that. They made you happy, and they never let anyone hurt you, just like Luciano had promised. They made you feel like you had real friends in this world and that you weren’t ever alone. They made up for any pain or depression you’d suffered from prior to their entry into your life.

They had fun with you as well. They were helpful and protective. Lutz sometimes followed you to school—in shadow form of course—so you could tell him to prank anyone who had ever bullied you. The screams of terror from unsuspecting students made you giggle all throughout your day. It was never anything harsh; just a small, unexplainable scare. Every time you were alone, Lutz would appear just to give you a high-five and joke about the classmates’ frightened faces.

Kuro went to school with you sometimes too. Whenever you had trouble during a quiz, he would whisper hints into your ear. He was apparently a straight-A student in his past life. No one could see him, even in his human form. But he and Lutz often went in shadows because they worried someone would see you speaking to thin air. Or, what appeared to be thin air.

Soon afterwards, the rides began.

It all started with a simple question. You’d been lounging in your room with Luciano one evening, both of you lying over your bed. You were near the pillows, your back resting against the headboard. He was near the foot of the bed, lying on his stomach and trying out the Internet. He wasn’t alive back when computers or laptops had gotten popular and was curious as to how the Web worked.

You’d been staring at his wings. As he was concentrating on ‘figuring out how this shit works’, he’d been absentmindedly rubbing the limbs together. It caused a small friction and dropped a single black feather in the process. Any other day you would’ve joked, “No shedding”, but tonight was different. You’d gotten much closer to the angels in the past week—especially Luciano—so you decided now was the time to finally ask.

“Can I touch your wings?” You’d blurted out before you could change your mind.

He looked up from the screen, his eyes widened a bit in surprise. “Oh… yeah sure, go ahead?” He said it as if it were strange for you to even ask for permission.

Gleefully, you crawled over the bed towards him and reached out for the feathered wings.

Instantly, your fingers came in contact with the soft, smooth texture. They were firm, yet delicate and fluffy. Running your hand up and down the spine of his right wing, it felt almost like silk.

You cooed at the perfection, never getting enough of his beautiful, dark wings.

After a few moments, he sighed. “I’m getting kind of turned on.” He mumbled.

You paused your touching, “W-What?”

He placed an elbow on the bed and rested his face on his hand, eyes staring right up to you. With a smirk, he replied, “You’ve been fucking petting me for the past five minutes.”

You instantly felt your cheeks heat up. He could… feel it?! You’d thought that since the wings weren’t skin, that he couldn’t exactly sense your touch, but…?!

“Did you look to see where they’re connected to my body? I can feel your hands all over them. It’s no different than stroking my bare chest or even my-”

“-Okayokay!” You squeaked, flustered. You’d pulled your hands away from his wings as if you’d been burned.

“But, you know…” He got up from his resting position, and crawled closer to your body. “If I let you touch me, why don’t you let me touch you?”

You backed away, slowly, until your back hit the headboard again. “I-I-I-” No words could come out. Your heart was pounding. A fallen angel was in your bed, advancing towards you, crawling over your body and pushing you down towards the pillows.

“You owe me. And I know you want this. Don’t even try to act like you don’t like it—I can see right through you, remember~?” He purred, caging you in and straddling your hips.

“But I…” You began.

He lowered his forehead to yours, humming in pleasure. “But you what? Is there something else you want in return?”

You swallowed nervously as you whispered, “Well… there is.”

He smirked again, eyes staring down at your sprawled form, “Tell me.”

You eyed his mysterious wings once more. “Take me for a ride.”

And that was how the rides began.

Every night afterwards—at around three in the morning actually, when most people were sleeping—you’d go outside with Luciano. He’d ask, “Ready?”, to which you’d always reply, “Of course!”, before he’d swoop you up in his arms, hold you tight, and take you for a ride.

Powerful dark wings soaring, he’d fly over the city, where no one could see the happiest girl in the world somehow flying through the night sky.

Invisible to all eyes, you thought he was. But not for long.

We scream, we shout

We are the fallen angels

We scream, we shout

Whoa-oh, whoa-oh-oh 

It would be selfish to believe that they came to Earth just for you.

One day, you were sitting on the roof of your house with them. It was around sunset, and the four of you were watching the golden light fade to black. It all felt so normal with them. Oh, how naïve you had been. You’d thought they’d be with you forever.

“It was so fuckin’ scary! I swear, it felt like skydiving. I should know, I actually went skydiving when I was alive. Anyway, y’know that pickup line I’ve heard human guys joke about, ‘Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven’? Well, as fallen angels, we can verify that it really did damn-straight hurt like Hell,” Lutz paused, and tapped his chin. “Wait, I think that can be taken even more literally than I thought…” He trailed off.

You laughed, “Seriously? And then what happened?” You leaned against Luciano’s shoulder, who was holding your hand to make sure you didn’t fall off the roof.

Kuro groaned, “Lutz, your ways of explaining occurrences have worsened over the past hundred years,” He complained.

Hey, you callin’ me dumb?!” He shouted back.

Kuro pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance, and then turned to look at you. “Here’s what happened. We believed the Earth Transporter would set us on the ground. But, it didn’t—it sent us to Earth’s atmosphere and let us drop the rest of the way. Normally this would have been perfectly okay, but since our wings were chained down and our wrists were in handcuffs, we fell. Quite literally. And since the cuffs were cursed, we fell straight through the Earth’s ground and into Hell,” He paused to gesture towards Lutz, “And when we fell, it hurt. Like Hell. In Hell.”

You were quiet for a moment. Then how did they…?

“And then this bastard comes up to us, holding a clipboard and shit, and he’s like, ‘Hey dudes, welcome to Hell, names please.’ We tell him we already served our time there, ‘paid for our sins’ or some crap, but that we needed to get out of the handcuffs and chains,” Luciano continued.

“Oh, and it’s funny—Kuro actually knew the guy! Allen was his name, right? Anyway… he’s like a demon now or something, so he just laughs and unlocks the chains with some magic touch or whatever. We fly back up and make it here to Earth! Cool huh?” Lutz laughed at the memory.

You laughed along with him, and were soon followed by the giggles of Luciano and the chuckles of Kuro. Like always, you thought your days would end like this. A nice talk with your best friends, laughing, playing with their halos.

…But that wasn’t what they had planned for you.

As Luciano had stated during that first night, “We’re starting with you.” It wasn’t just fate that they came into your life. They came into it with a purpose.

They later explained to you what their intentions were: They wanted to help those who felt like they didn’t belong.

Just like they never belonged in their lives either. Just like they didn’t belong in Heaven or Hell.

They needed a place to go, a place to be. Earth was the most reasonable option, and it would be where they’d find people in need. There were people that they could help.

Before meeting Luciano, Kuro, and Lutz, you were still that depressed teenager with no friends and no happiness. Now you knew what having friends was like. You felt happy. You wouldn’t mind trying to make friends, if you needed to. But you’d had Luciano and the others before; you wouldn’t always have them.

They had changed your life for the better.

No one deserved to feel the way you had, or the way Luciano, Kuro, and Lutz did when they were alive. Or even how they felt before they came back to Earth. No one should ever feel like they don’t belong.

You now understood how they thought; everyone has their own place in the universe. They just need to find it.

You were a loner before; did you feel like one now? Could you change that image? The answer was yes, you could. It was all thanks to them.

They’d started with you, and they’d succeeded. Now they wanted to help anyone else that needed them too.

You were happy, unlike you were prior with your life. They’re the Fallen for a reason.

To those who sing alone, no need to feel this sorrow

We scream, we shout

We are the fallen angels 

They wanted you first. They were nearly blinded by your aura as soon as they set eye on you. They could see your pain, your feelings of misplacement. However, they thought you were perfect just the way you were. And they could see that you didn’t view yourself the way you should.

“You’re special, you know that?” Luciano had told you that night.

You looked up. “But isn’t everyone special?”

He smirked, “No, I mean you’re really special. You have powers, _____.”

You inhaled sharply, eyes widening. “What?”

Kuro nodded, “He means you have potential. Only about once every million years is a child born with the precise traits as you are. A ‘chosen one’, you could say. There’s something otherworldly about you, _____—something that connects you to us.”

You looked down into your lap, sitting cross-legged over your bed. “Something… otherworldly?”

Lutz cheered, “You bet! And the funny thing is, we didn’t even notice until after we decided to help you,” He affectionately ruffled your hair. “You’re pretty amazing, y’know that, little solider?”

You felt a blush dust across your cheeks. But it was more from your happiness rather than shyness. “…Really?”

Luciano looked directly into your eyes, sitting across from you in your desk chair. It was actually pulled around backwards, his legs on either side of its long and thin backrest-holder. Arms crossed over the top, he laid his chin over them and dreamily responded, “You could be our Morning Star.”

You tilted your head, “…Your what?”

Lutz chuckled, and Kuro gave you a soft smile. His blood-red eyes nearly sparkling, he replied, “Someone who could brighten the world when it has fallen to the dark side of the moon.”

His words struck you. With a slow and shaky voice, you asked, “But… why me? Can’t it be… s-someone like you guys? You never did tell me exactly what you were like in your prior life…”

Luciano suddenly looked surprised, “Oh… we didn’t? Heh…” Chuckling, he looked down, a fond smile on his lips as distant memories instantly ran through his mind.

Lutz crossed his arms, leaning against your bedroom wall. “Ain’t it obvious? We were some pretty damn hardcore rebels,” A smirk crossed his face, remembering his past as well.

Kuro sat down beside you and sighed heavily. “We had no one. No home, no true happiness. But, oh…” Even his stoic face broke into a sinister grin, “… how infamous we were in our time.”

Now interested, you quickly asked, “Why? ...Who were you guys?”

Luciano instantly thumb-pointed to himself, smiling wickedly. “I was a universally-feared mafia boss. I could murder men with a toss of my throwing knives. I basically owned the black market—the world was mine.”

Kuro grimaced towards him, “That’s cute,” He turned to look at you and boasted, “I was a government-trained assassin. The best of the best. Then I became a spy-turned-criminal and used my intelligence against the planet.”

Lutz let out a laugh and added, “And I was a descendent of Hilter!”

You soaked up all this new information like a sponge. Every day they seemed to get more and more interesting.

“People are probably still talking about when we were alive. But, my Morning Star…” Luciano looked right at you, “I know you already understand that even back then, we still had no one, nothing, and no real place.”

Follow the Morning Star, a light when darkness fell

The passion left unholy, now you find yourself

We have nowhere to go, no one to wish us well

A cry to find our home, our stories they will tell…

“I… I do understand,” You responded.

Lutz grinned, “Great. Then you can help us.”

Wait what. “Huh? How…?”

Kuro snaked an arm across your shoulders and leaned in, “What Luciano said. You’re our Morning Star. You could assist us.”

“And really be of use.” Luciano clarified.

Did they mean what you thought they meant? They… wanted you to go with them to help others?

You didn’t understand what ‘powers’ they thought you could possess. You felt like a normal girl. Nothing too special. So why did they start calling you their Morning Star?

Either way, you wanted to stay with them. You just knew you’d be a mess once they left you.

Even now that you understood your reasons for living, who you were, and what you could accomplish in life, you still didn’t want them to leave. You finally knew what they were, after those weeks of seeing shadows and finding feathers. More importantly, they were the greatest friends you’d ever had.

You would never be able to let them go. You’d remember and cherish your memories of them for the rest of your life and possibly even, your afterlife.

This way, you could be with them. For who-knows-how-long. A century? An eternity? Forever?

With powers they could teach you, and possibly even your own pair of wings, you could accompany them and help others.

Help others in need. People who were just like you. Alongside Luciano, Kuro, and Lutz, you could change their lives in the same way the Fallen had changed yours. Wouldn’t that be never-ending happiness? Spending a lifetime and then some helping others and revising the world’s harsh reality? Plus remaining by the side of someone so, so, so very close to your heart—Luciano.

But, that would mean leaving behind your current life. The one they had just fixed—but did that matter to them? They wanted your help now. You weren’t just a patient they’d come in to fix anymore; you were someone very dear to them. Even closer than their other patients would be.

Could you really leave behind your family? Or would you still be able to see them? Either way, you would really miss your life as a normal human.

“_____,” Luciano addressed you, cutting into your thoughts.

“Huh?” You responded, still shaking off the questions.

He smiled gently, his halo glowing to match his love for you. “Will you join us in our mission, my Morning Star?” 

We scream, we shout

We scream, we shout…

We are the fallen angels.

A.N.: …So will you join them?

Be sure to check out the song "Fallen Angels" by Black Veil Brides if you haven’t already. It’s very inspirational. Honestly, I love writing about fallen angels. c; The possibilities are endless, and you get to use a lot of your imagination. (I used this 'angel' theme for my 2P!America x Reader two-shot; here's the Part 1: )

APH reader-inserts are all I post here, so if you liked this one, care to check out my others?

I've got a bunch in my gallery and I'm just going to write more.~ :icon2pitaliaplz:

FanFiction (c) Me
"Fallen Angels" (c) Black Veil Brides
Lyric video:
Official video:

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Tonight we're gonna change forever

Everybody loses it,
Everybody wants to throw it all away sometimes

Oh, people like us we've gotta stick together
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