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“You’re not gonna get away with leading me on.”

Warning: Contains dark themes, a mentally-insane Matt, and ‘lime’ contentbeware.


Matt glared down at his iPhone. Another call that went straight to voicemail.

He felt his palm twitch. It took nearly all of his self-control not to throw his phone across the room.

Why weren’t you answering? Did you not have your phone with you? Was it dead? Did you lose it? Someone steal it from you?  Did you get a new number?

Or… are you just ignoring his calls?

He felt a wave of red anger strike down his arms at the thought. Of course, he was frustrated with you as always. He figured you were probably too busy fucking his brother to answer his calls. Yeah, like the slut you are. He hated you.

…So much.

But, through that hate, he knew there was something else. Yeah, something else woven in-between. Something he didn’t like to think about. Every time he did, he got a massive migraine.

For some reason he couldn’t understand, he was still drawn to you. In every way. Physically, mentally, emotionally.

He often found himself competing for your attention with his friends. He didn’t like to see you talking to them. They didn’t like to see you talking to him. You loved talking to all of them as if each and every one of them was your little toy to play with.

Exasperated, Matt took in a deep breath and hit ‘redial’. Instantly, his phone started calling yours again. But this time, it didn’t go straight to voicemail. It continued to ring.

He found himself holding his breath, staring down at the screen with tired-yet-determined purple eyes.

Even though he would never admit it—he was nervous for you to pick up. He wanted to make sure he said the right thing; which he never did. He knew he only had this chance before you’d hang up and probably not answer again for days. You enjoyed playing with him like that, didn’t you?

But most of all, he felt anxious because he knew there was a fifty-fifty percent chance Allen or Zao would answer just to rub it in his face.

Something lately drives me crazy
Has to do with how you make me
Struggle to get your attention
Calling you brings apprehension

After about the seventh ring, he heard the sweet voice of your annoying voicemail again. “Dammit…” He cursed under his breath, and tossed his phone to the side.

Giving up for the time being, he continued to sit in the dark. Only the TV gave him light; which was only playing static anyway. He was lounging upside down on his couch—his head nearly on the apartment floor and legs over the head rests.

Bored, he immediately reached for his phone again. There was nothing better for him to do anyways. Halfheartedly, he began looking through it. But after a few seconds of scrolling, he instantly regretted it.

Only because he came across some of his old text-conversations with you. The majority of them were talking dirty—just like he’d wanted at the time. He couldn’t peel his eyes off his iPhone’s screen as he continued to scroll through message after message, subconsciously getting a hard-on while he was it.

He moaned when he came across a certain topless picture. He couldn’t believe he’d gotten you to send it to him. At the time it was all he could have ever wanted, but now, he wondered if any of it was Photoshopped. But then again, you were perfect all of the time. He didn’t think you needed Photoshop… if you had even used it.

Scowling, he realized you probably sent these pictures out to everyone. All of his friends. Every other guy you’d ever met. He hated it.

He was the first to flirt around with you when you’d come to his school. You were the new girl; the one every guy was eyeing. But, you’d quickly moved on to his friends and forgot about boring old him. He couldn’t stand it.

How could you start ignoring him like that? After he’d introduced you to his friends? It was like you used him. Yeah, you used him to get to his friends. His stupid, annoying, ugly delinquent friends.

Or maybe just Allen. Yeah. Probably just his brother Allen.

Why couldn’t you just want Matt and Matt only?

Texts from you and sex from you
Are things that are not so uncommon
Flirt with you you’re all about it
Tell me why I feel unwanted


As he scrolled past another text, he noticed one was from last weekend. The night of Lutz’s party.

Matt couldn’t believe what had happened that night. There he was, surrounded by a bunch of his girls as usual—when you happened to stroll in. You took one glance at him, and he immediately stood up. But it was because of that look you sent him.  That ‘come-hither’ stare. He was sucked into the irresistibleness that was you.

And you loved it. You’d stolen him away from all the other girls—good. With them within viewing distance, you’d started to flirt around and grope Matt like there was no tomorrow. And he welcomed it; your touch was intoxicating to him. You did it until you heard the girls fuming in anger.

But Matt didn’t mind. This was you—he’d flirt with you whenever you were up for it.

Except, right when your audience stormed out of the room—you ditched him. Just like that. Without thinking twice, you’d headed off to Luciano and Kuro.

Even though he felt like he should be angry, he wasn’t. He was just… confused. Why would you touch him and kiss him if you didn’t want him? Why would you move on to Luciano and Kuro so fast? …How could you move on to them so fast? Was he really that boring? Were Luciano and Kuro really that much more interesting? What was so great about them? You had Matt.

He’d thought you’d finally gone back to him. But apparently, you hadn’t.

Well, that was okay, he told himself. Maybe you just needed some time. Some more time, since he had already been waiting long enough. Yes, with some more time, you’d go back to him. He just knew it.

Damn, if you didn’t want me back
Why’d you have to act like that?
It’s confusing to the core
‘Cause I know you want it


The next morning, Matt looked out of his class’s window anxiously. He was drumming his fingers against the desk, his foot tapping restlessly. His teacher was making his class wait a few extra minutes before letting them out due to bad behavior. The fact that he could see you outside talking to Oliver made him feel more agitated than ever.

Once his class finally let out, he bolted over towards the school’s quad area. You were still there, thankfully. Before the party, it had been a while since you’d talked to him. By this point, even if you hadn’t spoken much to him after the party, he thought maybe you’d realized you wanted him. Yes, you did want him, right? Why else would you hit on him like that? You had to like him.

 Nearly out of breath, he caught up to you and Oliver.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” He asked casually, trying to hide his heavy breathing.

You barely acknowledged his existence. Oliver, on the other hand, threw him a worried look. “Are you quite alright, dearie?”

Matt ignored him. He began staring at you, “Babe? What’s wrong?” He asked, eyebrows furrowing.

“Hm? Nothing.” You shrugged him off, barely making any eye contact.

A few seconds of silence passed. You kept your eyes on the ground, while Matt continued to stare at your face. Nervously, Oliver glanced back and forth between you to Matt. “…Hehehe, looks like you two have got some business to care of, I’ll be off~” He sang cheerfully after another quiet moment had passed. Without another word, he skipped over to Flavio.

As soon as he left, your eyes snapped back up. You kept your gaze on him, a glint of want in your eye.

Not liking the attention you were giving Oliver, the hockey player in front of you flicked your forehead in annoyance.

“Ouch,” You complained.

Matt scowled, “Look at me.”

Pouting, you finally forced your attention onto the Canadian. “What?”

He didn’t hesitate. “Go out with me,” He commanded.

Your eyes widened. But it only took a few seconds to get over the surprise. Well… the surprise of him being so annoyingly forward and rude about it, that is. “No thanks. I have better things to do.” You sighed, and glanced around for Oliver again.

Matt gave you a shocked look. You simply eyed Oliver and giggled. “Isn’t he so cute?” You mused, not even bothering to hide the thought from Matt.

In response, his jaw clenched. He felt his palms curl into angry fists. The blood-red fury was starting to build up and course through his veins again. “You… you don’t want to go out with me?” He asked, voice surprisingly calm as he looked down; messy blonde bangs shading his eyes.

You simply smiled. “But don’t look at other girls.” You gave him a quick kiss on his lips before walking back over to Oliver.

Oh, and if you don’t wanna be
Something substantial with me
Then why do you give me more?
Babe I know you want it


A couple weeks later, Matt was bored at home again. Allen was out as usual, but Matt didn’t care. He usually preferred to stay home anyways.

He was busy trying to fix his favorite hockey stick when his phone suddenly began ringing.

Instantly, he dropped the piece of equipment. It clattered against the basement floor, but he didn’t pay any attention to it at the moment. Instead, his sleep-deprived eyes shot over to the phone. He got the usual speedup of his heart—only because he hoped it was you every time he got a call. Which he didn’t often get.

As if in a trance, he stepped over to the phone. He knew he shouldn’t get too hyped up whenever he got a call; especially since it was never from you. Still, he picked up the device with shaky fingers.

…And nearly slammed it back against the table when he saw it was only Lutz.

Taking in a few breaths to calm his unnecessarily-pounding heart, he very slowly pressed ‘answer’. “…H’lo?” He mumbled halfheartedly.

Turned out, Lutz was having another party. He wanted Matt to be there. And he’d phoned him solely to force him into going. “And you’re coming, ya hear me?! I wanna see you at my place in fifteen minutes. Seriously bro, you need to get out more. Forget about _____ for once and meet some other chicks!” And with that, he’d hung up.

Groaning, Matt pocketed his phone and trudged upstairs. Well, he had nothing else to do—might as well go to another one of Lutz’s parties.

Not too long afterwards, Matt arrived at his house. He hadn’t even bothered fixing himself up. He was still in his tattered clothes; and his overgrown blonde hair was still in a messy ponytail.

But as soon as he stepped in the door, he paused. The blasting music seemed to drown out from his ears. As did the party’s chatter. And Matt couldn’t believe his amount of good-slash-horrible luck.

Of course, the first person he saw had to be you.

Oh, how that instantly turned him on. He thought you were wearing the sexiest outfit ever.

He felt himself moan at the sight of you. Seriously, why couldn’t you just be his? Why did you have to play this annoying cat and mouse game with him? He usually understood girls just fine—but you? No. You were a mystery he was determined to solve.

Whatever you told him to do, he did it. You asked him not to flirt with other girls? Well then, he didn’t flirt with other girls. He was under your spell; no matter what.

Even though he hated how you made him feel… things, he knew it would all pay off. Because sometime soon, you would want him again too. You would want him as much as he wanted you. It was one of his fantasies—you becoming the Matt-hungry fangirl he always dreamed you to be. You would tell him all the dirty things you wanted him to do to you. He’d tease you a bit, but then eventually do them. Because he wanted you, and you would want him too.

But when he looked at you—even for just a second—all of that seemed impossible.

This love was psycho. Super psycho.

Say that you want me
Every day that you want me
Every way that you need me
Got me trippin’ super psycho love


He couldn’t take it anymore. He had lost track of you during his sudden perverse fantasies and he desperately wanted to see you. So he went around the party asking for you; not even realizing his lowering dignity.

Francois was the only one kind enough to tell him your whereabouts. With an emotionless tone he stated, “She’s in that room with Allen.”

Matt glanced down the dark hallway and noticed one door was shut. With a scowl, he turned back to Francois, “How long have they been in there?”

Francois shrugged, “Dunno. Twenty minutes maybe?”

With an irritated growl, Matt pushed past Francois and headed over for the door. He didn’t quite know what to expect. One part of him knew exactly what was going on. The other part wanted so desperately to believe that you were only speaking with his brother and nothing more.

But of course, it turned out to be the former.

Well… to be completely honest, it wasn’t something as bad as he’d imagined. But it was still bad nonetheless. Instead of immediately seeing a tangled mess of limbs atop the bed, he saw them in the corner.

Still, the image shocked him. He had seen it many times before, but to see it when he was so obsessed with you was something else.

Allen pulled away from your lips, and smirked in the direction of his brother. “Hey Mattie, what’s up?” He kept his hand up your bra, not even bothering to hide it from Matt.

Something inside of him snapped.

The anger was overwhelming. It was starting to boil over within him. It was driving him absolutely crazy.

He could barely hold it in.

Aim, pull the trigger
Feel the pain getting bigger
Go insane from the bitter feeling
Trippin’ super psycho love


Before he could fully react, he saw you break away from Allen. Had you not pushed him back in the way that you did, Matt was pretty sure someone would have gotten hurt. Either you or Allen—he didn’t know.

But that didn’t matter right now. The point was, you had pushed Allen away, much to Matt’s pleasure.

Turning to face him, you said sternly, “Come here. We need to talk,” The way you pointed your finger at him and curled it inward only set waves of excitement through his body.

Wordlessly, you took him down the dark hallway—ignoring the pleas of Allen to come back.

The hall was pretty empty and quiet compared to the rest of the party. Just you gripping his wrist and pulling him in deeper gave Matt a prickly heat down his anatomy. He couldn’t wait to be alone with you. But still, he wasn’t happy that you were always screwing around with Allen.

Once you’d pulled him off to a darkener corner, Matt didn’t give you much time to speak. He was anxious. He didn’t want you playing more games with him. He knew that if he didn’t talk immediately, neither would you. “What do you have to say?”

Oh, how he could already imagine what it was.

First, you would apologize. Then you’ll say how much you want him and need him. Only him. You’ll tell him that you think he’s mesmerizing and better than any of his friends. That they couldn’t compare to him, never did, and never will. That you’d made a mistake when you abandoned him as soon as you’d met his annoying group of friends. You would admit you were wrong and cared only for him, Matt Williams.

…But instead, none of that came out of your mouth.

“Quit being so protective of me. It’s annoying. You don’t have to look out for me all the time, got it? I can be with whoever—including your brother.”

Needless to say, he was not expecting this.

If he thought he was confused before, it couldn’t compare to now. “…Then why do you say I can’t be with other girls?”

A few seconds after the words left his lips, you smiled gently. Looking down, cheeks tinged a bit pink, you replied, “Maybe because I want you to be mine only?” Before he could respond, you sighed and gave him a quick kiss on his lips. And then you walked away.

One half of him wanted to fuck you senseless. The other half wanted to murder you with a hockey stick.

Pull me off to darkened corners
Where all other eyes avoid us
Tell me how I mesmerize you
I love you and despise you


He took in a deep breath. Unlike his brother, he knew right from wrong. He didn’t want to cause a rampage at Lutz’s house. He needed to calm down or else he’d wind up hurting someone.

Trying to stay calm, he left the hallway. As he reappeared in the living room—which was where the majority of the party was taking place—he soon ran into someone. Elizabeth stopped him by tugging on the back of his shirt. “Hey Mattie, where are you going?”

He paused. He didn’t want to, but he needed someone to distract his thoughts from you. “…Nowhere,” He mumbled.

She smirked. “Then keep me company,” She looked him up and down, licking her bottom lip.

Matt groaned internally. He hated when girls looked at him like that. They always reminded him of you. And how he wished so badly that you would one day look at him like that. Trying to be discreet, he lowered his black sunglasses. Through them, the Hungarian girl in front of him couldn’t see his eyes. So with the cover, he roamed his purple irises for the direction of someone—anyone— better to talk to.

The ditzy girl didn’t notice. Instead, she began chatting away, trying to flirt a bit. But Matt could care less for girls like her—dressed head-to-toe in pink, no brain, overly feminine.

As she went on and on about who-knows-what, Matt suddenly got a strange feeling. And when he glanced towards a certain area, he figured out why. Damn, it was like he had a sixth sense for you. He could easily detect you before actually seeing you.

He’d felt you nearby just as Elizabeth was saying something about her sewing class. But Matt continued to ignore her—just as he caught sight of yet another thing he didn’t like.

You were sitting down on the couch with Zao and Ion. Well, they were sitting on the couch, while you were laying over them. Your legs were over Ion’s lap while you were resting your body against Zao’s chest. Both were clearly feeling you up but as usual, you didn’t mind. You continued chatting with them as if they weren’t fondling every inch of your body.

Matt felt his blood boil. This was getting insane. You already got your dose of Allen, now you were going for Zao and Ion? How many guys did you need? Couldn’t he be enough? Why wasn’t he enough?

He removed his sunglasses and sent you a death glare. You simply ignored his gaze. But he knew you had noticed him. You were just making a point not to look at him.

Oh right, apparently you wanted him to leave you alone for once.

Well, asking him for that was a swing and a miss.

Back to the crowd where you ignore me
Bedroom eyes to those before me
How am I supposed to handle
Lit the fuse and missed the candle

He was done. He refused to see you with any more of his friends. He wouldn’t allow it.

If he wasn’t allowed to flirt with other girls, then why were you allowed to flirt with other guys? You two weren’t even dating. Never had before either. You’d been in bed together a few times, but never more than that. He wouldn’t tolerate being ignored. He wanted to know how you really felt—he wanted nothing to do with your irritating games.

With that, he walked away from Elizabeth while she was mid-sentence. She gasped in surprise, but closed her mouth once she realized he was heading for you. Typical.

He stormed across the room until he got to the sitting area. Once he was within distance, Zao and Ion eyed him with distaste. Their lack of attention on you caused you to look up, and that was when you saw Matt again.

He scowled, gritting his teeth slightly as he stared you down. “Come over here,” He commanded.

You looked away, avoiding eye contact again. “Why?” You asked halfheartedly.

He wasn’t going to waste any time. Instead of responding, he simply stepped closer and grabbed ahold of your wrist. You inhaled in surprise, but didn’t entirely gasp. You had somehow expected this anyways.

Still though, you attempted to resist him. “Hey, let me go.” Of course, he ignored your pleas. Pulling you upwards, he succeeded in taking you away from Zao and Ion.

“I don’t want to hear it…” He grumbled, before starting to walk off.

“Hey, next time, don’t just take our girl like that~” Zao called after him, half-joking. Matt rolled his eyes. Ion stayed quiet—he could probably care less that he had moved you away from them.

“Matt-” You whined, but he tuned you out for the moment. Even with your struggling, he dragged you down the hall and into another empty room. “Matt, what the hell? Let me go!” He could tell you were going to have bruises around your wrist later. But for now, he didn’t care.

“Matt, if you don’t-” You paused when he shut the door.

You heard its lock click.

“-…Matt?” You asked, more in a quiet tone.

He slowly turned around. The room was too dark to see his expression, but you guessed it was giving off a rape-face vibe. “Babe, finally…”

You shivered. Something told you things weren’t going to go smoothly from here.

He didn’t waste any time. He had to have you. Now.

You inhaled a breath of surprise when his arms wrapped roughly around your waist and pulled. You had no idea what he was going to do until he lifted you up and threw you down against the bed. Eyes widened, you finally realized how dangerous your little games with him had been.

Before you could make a move to escape, he crawled over your body. Instantly caging you in, he hovered over your face and grinned the creepiest smile you’d ever seen. “Heh heh… you think you can escape me?”

Damn, if you wanna let me go
Baby please just let me know
You’re not gonna get away
With leading me on

You looked up nervously. Matt’s swollen purple eyes were still locked on you. They were stuck in a hardened stare that somehow sent chills down your spine. But, you realized, it was in a good way.

Maybe it had to do with the fact that he looked hot as ever. He was wearing his usual long-sleeved plaid red button-up—with none of the buttons fastened, of course. The open shirt revealed his toned chest, along with long white gauze wrapped fully around his middle and up his left shoulder. You guessed it was probably from a recent hockey injury.

“W-Why… have you been doing this lately?” You couldn’t help but sputter out. It had been a question you’d been wondering for months.

You felt his body press closer to yours. Oh, how good he felt. The skin-to-skin chest contact made you shiver once more. You didn’t even mind that he was pinning down your wrists and trapping your entire lower body with his own. This was Matt.

Yeah… this is Matt… you thought dreamily.

He frowned at your question. “You want me, don’t you?”

He wouldn’t stand for the wrong answer. He needed to hear the correct one slip through those soft lips of yours. If it didn’t, he did not want to think about how much he’d have to hurt that pretty face.

Not to mention how much he’d hurt himself if you didn’t say you wanted him. Needed him.

Say you want me
Say you need me
Tear my heart out slow
And bleed me

You hesitated. Even though you loved your boys and all the attention you got, you still had a bit of sympathy for others. You didn’t want to hurt Matt’s feelings… too much.

There was nothing wrong with being honest for once. “Matt, you know…” You began in an unsure tone.

You felt him squeeze you tighter out of his impatience, “What?”

Avoiding his gaze, you slowly replied, “I…I want you, okay? But I want other guys too. How simple is that? I was hoping you wouldn’t mind. But, to be honest, I can’t understand why you only want me…” Even though you had told him not to, you still expected he’d want other girls as well. But he didn’t. And it confused you way too much.

He stared. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Didn’t you understand that he was in love with you? Did you even know what love was?

…Clearly, you didn’t. He’d have to show you. The hard way.

But even if he used force, he knew you would still like it.

You want me
You need me
You’re gonna be with me

Once he got over the initial shock, he sighed and shook his head. No, he didn’t want other girls. He only had eyes for you. And that’s exactly what he said to you.

Shocked, you stared up at him. He only wanted you and no one else? Out of all the other girls in the school, he picked you? Over all of his fangirls? …You hated to admit it, but that was a bit of a turn-on.

Instantly you freed your wrists from his hands and reached up for his neck. Almost territorially, you tugged on his collar and pulled him down for a long, rough kiss. You breathed heavily due to your pounding heart and didn’t waste any time prying his lips open for a dominating tongue-kiss.

Matt couldn’t control himself after that. He moaned in pure bliss and felt his pants tighten even more. You mewed in pleasure at the feel of his waist straddling over yours, and the warmth and hardness of his erection pressing between your bare thighs. “Babe… finally…” He murmured again, beginning to grind against your hips as the make-out intensified.

You quickly complied and wrapped your legs around his waist, grinding deep into his erection and trying your best to feel every part of it. “Mattie…~” You moaned out, the delicious friction between the two of you sending sparks of extreme pleasure down your lower bodies.

Oh, how he could barely stand the wait. He kissed you more intensely and let his hands wander. As you ground deeper into him, he snaked his hands up your shirt and began to fondle your chest. The combined amounts of pleasure made you moan even louder, making Matt nearly swell up with pride.

…No one would send such mixed signals, right? Not even someone as twisted as you? So this meant you liked him too right? Why wouldn’t it?

And if it didn’t, he’d make sure to change that. Using any kind of force necessary.

I know you want me too
I think you want me too
Please say you want me too
Because I said you’re going to.

You continued your make-out with him, and before you knew it, your clothes were off. So were his. You didn’t mind. You’d just barely realized how long it has been since you did it with him.

Why hadn’t you realized how great he was? In bed, might you clarify. His size was bigger than anyone else’s. Even Allen’s. You knew it for a fact since you had slept with both of them—on separate occasions of course—several different times. By now you knew Allen was smaller than everyone assumed he was. Plus Matt was a better kisser. And he was the first guy to admit he only wanted you. That was… different. It was sweet. Maybe that’s a quality ‘boyfriends’ had; not that you would know.

Honestly, you’d never had a real boyfriend. Only because that meant being with one person. And that other person would probably cheat, as you so often assumed.

But Matt was different. When you told him not to flirt with other girls, he didn’t. And you two weren’t even dating. So if you were together, would he cheat? Probably not.

You looked up at him. He sent you a lustful smirk and tugged slightly on your panties. “…Are you ready?” He mumbled.

You didn’t care about the mess he had caused you these past few months. You wanted him now, and that was all that mattered.

Throwing him a defensive look, you pouted, “Are you kidding? Of course I am. Get to it already.”

He chuckled darkly and finished sliding down your soaked underwear. “As you wish,” He then proceeded to slip off his boxers.

Some time later, Matt looked down at you.

You were still in that dark room with him, and it seemed the party had quieted down. Glancing at the clock, he saw it was around five in the morning. But the sun hadn’t started to come up yet. You were passed out next to him, sleeping soundlessly. The covers barely hid your naked body.

He grinned maliciously. You were his now. And he could make you say anything he wanted. He could make you do anything he wanted.

Good. Finally you got a turn. Now it was his time to go off and screw around with other girls while you cried out helplessly for him to stop; it was your turn to feel the emotional pain he went through. Your turn to want him so bad it drove you insane. It was finally your turn. Oh, how he loved you so much.

…Yes, it was quite the super psycho love indeed.

Say that you want me
Every day that you want me
Every way that you need me
Got me trippin’ super psycho love.

A.N.: Okay, did anyone else think Mattie came off as a total yandere in this chapter? XD

Well, I wasn’t trying to make him one… But on his fan-character wiki profile thingy, it said he doesn’t like to be ignored. He hates it. He refuses it, which should be expected due to this guy being Canada’s opposite.
So for the girl he likes, of course he’d have those ‘yandere’ tendencies... Icon - 066 Jian (Wanna play?) 

OH YEAH, before I forget, the name of the song used was obviously ‘Super Psycho Love’ by Simon Curtis.
You should check it out.~

And don't forget to comment your thoughts on 2P!Canada's chapter! Check out my gallery too for almost 30 other Hetalia reader-inserts~! 

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This is awesomely incredible!! (I don't know if I've commented before, but it's still, as ever, completely and utterly incredible.) I was wondering if you'd ever consider a sequel to this?
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thank you so much ; w ; i can't remember if you've commented or not, but I appreciate anything you have to say about my writing. :'D also, I'm a little busy with other things I want to write, so I don't think I'll be writing a sequel to this at the moment. :(
DakotaSouth13 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015
Okie, I was just curious, cause it would be fun to see if Matt's idea really worked and so on. Thanks anyway though for considering it.
Pencilrainbow Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015
I love it.But if this b*tch about to be cheating then I ain't about to be with you.Im not about to feel emotional pain.
xYourHero Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
heh heh well thanks~
as soon as he started doing all the stuff he said he was gonna do to hurt reader-chan to give her a taste of her own medicine, i would have gone back to my old ways and left him for good.  Ain't nobody gonna play this reader-chan!

~love the story!
LilianVantas Featured By Owner May 31, 2015  Student Artist
. . .So she's what we call a whore?
oliverkirkland336622 Featured By Owner May 27, 2015  Student Artist
Knerdgirl105 Featured By Owner May 12, 2015
o@ massive nosebleed.... OMG this is amazing.... I think there should be more 2p fics
xYourHero Featured By Owner May 12, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Eheh, thank you owo
Knerdgirl105 Featured By Owner May 12, 2015
Can you do requests???
xYourHero Featured By Owner May 12, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Unfortunately, requests are closed at the moment; sorry :(
FlightKittyArtist Featured By Owner May 4, 2015  Student Artist
I've never loved a fanfic so much! There's not enough 2p!Readers out there. T.T
xYourHero Featured By Owner May 4, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Wow, thank you ; v ; I'm glad you liked it, and I agree with you!~
Cynical-Entity Featured By Owner Edited Apr 20, 2015  Student Writer
Oh my god, this was so beautiful, and I don't know why I haven't critiqued this before, fuck! I actually saw this mid last year on, and I absolutely loved it!

The imagery, the emotions, everything was flawlessly executed; and I also enjoy how the Reader can be a playgirl without having to be deemed as slut or hated like in every other story I read. Is it because the Reader was afraid of rejection? Heartbreak? It seems so, as she didn't have any true emotions towards any other characters. Even with Canada, she seems the slightest apprehensive.

Wonderfully done, by the way.
xYourHero Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, you first saw this on FF? Do you happen to have an account on there or reviewed as a guest 'cause if you have, I might remember you--
and hhhhn thanks > w <

Some people adored Reader and (most lmao) hated/disliked her, but you seem to understand her better and that makes me happeh~ I like her too here. Q v Q
Mm. I should check out some of your stuff, too. Yeee.
Cynical-Entity Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015  Student Writer
No, I still have yet to make an account, T_T 
I'm not exactly sure if I had left a review, maybe, but it was over a year ago, the only thing I remember was the beautiful stories. I'm still reading them on there, as the "DATING THE WORLD" is much more organized to find. I think I'm on chapter 32. 

That's true, I suppose. I neither like her nor dislike her, but I guess I found out more facts about her, which can go either way, but I'm not one to care about hating or loving the reader--I mean, come on, it's a story not reality.

Eh, I won't tell you to look at my stories, though I happened to be obsessed a month ago, and I don't exactly care if you do, do so only if you'd like. I hate when people force themselves and pity-party to read things just because I read theirs. I'm just informing that you may or may not receive more comments on your work in the next two days the future.  
xYourHero Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I will admit it's much more organized since FF actually lets ya make multi-chaptered stories :'D thanks again bruh~

//throws confetti
yUS, finally someone says this = v =

And ah, I see. I'm still curious to see how you write, especially after reading that Kanato drabble > v <
Cynical-Entity Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015  Student Writer
True, true. It wouldn't make much of a difference to me, since making multi-chartered stories in my case seems like a horrible punishment. I find it to be a blessing of I can even write one story that is good. 

That at the story isn't reality? Yep! Some of them do revolve around realistic situations, they are still not reality. I learned that lesson only after I became a writer. 

I don't know, truly. I made it mainly because my spurts of inspiration happen, and it became a gift since you loved him that much. I'm currently working on a lemon thing that Pika requested.
ImAHurricane Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015  Student Digital Artist
It took me 31 minutes to read this...

I loved it.
xYourHero Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you > w <
CheetahSkittle Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
and and i think you should make a part two of this
think of it as a request from a broke ass (bc idk if you charge ;-; ) xD
xYourHero Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad you liked 2P!Reader 'cause she seemed kind of *cough* c-controversial since other people didn't like her personality TTuTT but hey, she's a 2P plus she's gone through a lot of bad luck with guys, so she has reasons~ anyways, thanks again dear >w< 
and hmmm.. maybe once I do commissions again, someone might just buy a part 2 to this, we'll see <3
CheetahSkittle Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Naw, it made sense for her to act like that, esp if 2Ps are opposites of 1Ps, and I don't--actually haven't slept with anyone xD so reader is technically my 2P (though I AM flirty as fuck B) ) but yeah! maybe one of these days i'll buy premium or something and hopefully you'll be doing commissions by then so I can buy a part two xD but yeah, I loved it! Keep up the great work c:
Wolfinfrette Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I hate girls like that. Ya slutty bitch ughh. Desu~♡
xYourHero Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I don't care. You just didn't see her reasons for acting that way. 

Can you stop commenting so much on my fanfics now? And quit ending every sentence with 'desu'? Thanks. 
Wolfinfrette Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Jk. Love this fanfic although. I'm stopping with the desu for now.... :)
kikyo19986 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
here's the link to the vidoe version made by me…
xYourHero Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
wow, that was really cool ^w^ I loved all of those pictures omfg
kikyo19986 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
thanks took me awhile to find them i do have more videos i some with him,yao,and my oc sliveria if you want to watch them too.Giggle I think I've fainted. 
xYourHero Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome, thanks-- I'll try to sometime >v<
kikyo19986 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
kk that's great really
bvb-bekka Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015
You have got to do another 2p!Canada x 2p!Reader fanfiction. This one was awesome and I'd love to see where their psycho love goes from here
xYourHero Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you, and maybe~ ;D

I couldn't help but notice that you like Black Veil Brides! I wrote a 2pItaly x Reader songfic to 'Fallen Angels' if you were interested = w = :icon2pitaliaplz:
bvb-bekka Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015
That would be awesome! :D

Thanks! I have read it, and let me just say, it's such a good songfic, you really pulled it off well. (And it's such an incredibly good song too)
Lucijohn Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Finally no cliché innocent reader chan
xYourHero Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! I'm so glad you like her because for some reason, a lot of people didn't like 2pReader dammit XD
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